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(No unit sales).

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Township of 3.5 acres in NIANA TPS 5 of CIDCO area of Navi MUMBAI international airport 250 to 300 flats township with permanent green facing. Great amenities. TPS-5 is most premium TPS without clutter of villages and with clean and planned development. Download brouchre for more details. We are at final stage of land acquisition and early stage of permissions

Location on intersection of 150 feet six lane internal IDP road that offshoots from Mumbai trans-herbal link road and Pune Mumbai expressway. This is the only junction after Kalamboli where expressway has a clover leaf junction and an exit. Its very close to Panvel’s existing skyline.
This is NOT an unit sale or sale of flats. Not an offer for investment. This is partnership opportunity to partner in ownership of the land that is going for development very soon. We are at final stage of land acquisition and early stage of permissions. You will be entering into partnership only after understanding benefits and cons of this process. Its open mainly for doctors and their very close friends. This is NOT open offer for investment. We reserve right to select a partner.
Doctors and professional will make their group in form of LLP. This LLP will purchase a portion of land in this project. The LLP will make development agreement DA with developer company. The constructed area allotted will be as per market practices. This constructed area will get distributed among all the partners as per mutual understanding. MediPort will remain as hand holding partner till the end. Right now are in process to formalize three LLPs one for doctors, one for officers and one for professional and money market players. Each LLP will buy certain land in this project. You will join in a compatible partnership vehicle.
The dictum in Navi Mumbai Real estate is that ONLY stake holder who earns profit with minimum risk is the land holder. So your group becomes a land owner and you book the profit with surety. Download the brochure and fill the form below to enter into a partnership.
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