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Dr Niteen Dhepe MD

Mediport is a brainchild of visionary Dr Niteen Dhepe a successful and serial entrepreneur. He has a track record of establishing SkinCity, a unique concept of bringing everything in dermatology under one roof first time in India. His SkinCity project encouraged and enabled many young dermatologists in country to think of larger set ups and futuristic investments.
While lockdown and COVID has brought a great paradigm shift for everyone around the globe, it has done the same in the minds of medicos too. Doctors are very hard working creatures spending half the productive life in learning while remaining half in working and earning with little time to think how to deploy this hard earned money.

Every segment of market looks at doctors and cash cow and soft target as investors.
Mediport serves as hand holding partner for doctors finding such real estate deals, cleaning, curetting and serving on platter. Its like a ‘hands on’ tuition classes for doctors in field of real estate. MediPort acts not only as investment consultant but acts as a hand holding partner in every deal. So you focus on the most important aspect of your work that is medical practice and leaving real estate investment to mediport that secures benefits for your generations to come.

Medicos real estate partnership opportunities in airport area!


Who is our customer?

MediPort partnership services are mainly offered to select groups of doctors across all streams. Also included are a select government officials and professional like CA, bankers. Other people are added only as copartners with a medico or officer partner. This is early-stage seed partnership program, a very small, cohesive group is required for smooth competition of project. That’s why we reserve right to choose a partner.

For outright sales and purchases, we offer our consultancy services at a small professional fee. This is available to all. We prefer clients who can deal through bank transactions and not cash.

We specialize in land acquisition for corporate and multinational and NRI clients. We have a huge land bank in our pipeline in Navi Mumbai international airport area and in Marathwada too for Solar parks.


Meet Our Team Mediport


Dr. Niteen Dhepe

Founder & Innovator


Yogita Dhepe


Team 2

Radhika Marathe


Rishikesh Dhepe



CA Monish Shaha

Financial Advisor


Adv Anand Gangakhedkar

Legal Advisor


Adv Unmesh Deshpande

Legal Advisor

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