The MediPort Partnership Concept

MediPort doesn’t offer mere consultancy or investments. It puts its own skin in the game and offers partnerships in early stage real estate deals. A group of like minded doctors, from five to twenty, are clubbed together into a LLP company as a special purpose vehicle SPV. MediPort is by default a designated partner in this LLP entity.
The LLP entity then invests as partner in larger projects. As a rule this LLP will invest not more than 25% of any larger project. This perfectly sits on back of a successful project, minimizing risk for doctors. MediPort does the job to find out such winning horses to bet upon.
LLP is a great SPV or legal tool to distribute profits and limit liabilities for partners without much statutory hassles. LLP enjoys legal status of private limited company with flexibility of a partnership firm.


Partnership Opportunities

Foot in cold water flow.

Dip the toes

It is a very safe option to become a part of a LLP that has already 30-40% stake in a land that is going for development soon. Your group becomes one of the land owners and is entitled for certain number of flats / constructed area, without additional spending, in a joint venture arrangement. Distribution among partners is easy in LLP composed of mostly doctors partners. See details of proposed Gold Crest project. This signature project of Mediport and limited seats are available to be a partner.


Swimming in 6 feet

This is also called sole selling. Our LLP purchases a significant number of flats/ shops / constructed area in a proposed township/ scheme. Rate of bulk-buying is significantly low as compared to individual buyer. This is collective bargaining. See details of current projects MediPort is partnering for sole selling.


Milking an old cow

Redevelopment of old buildings in Panvel and Navi Mumbai area is a great booming business these days. Old building gets additional FSI that is builders profit. We give existing tenants constructed area equal to their original area plus 10-20% additional. Still you will be left with 40% of constructed area to recover construction cost and your profit. This is high turnover business and aim to finish one site in less than two years. See the list of redevelopment projects where Mediport is financing partner or sole selling partner.


Fishing patiently

a. Area around Navi Mumbai has a great potential. Buying a land little away from current development but sitting on proposed connectivity like corridor, highways junctions and waiting patiently for many years to develop. This brings unbelievable returns of your long term investment.


b. Or b e a part of acquisition of a land pool in Marathwada for solar parks. See the list of proposed sites curetted for long term partnership.


Ride on the back of a Shark!

a. Getting a land early and very cheap after risk benefit analysis. Pushing it for development and reaping un-believable returns is white collar way of becoming land shark. As a dictam the one who earns sure profit without risk is the land owner.
b.Larger plots have greater potential to consume current and future FSI. If a smaller plot yields 70 thousand square feet constructed area, a large plot after buying additional FSI, TDR etc can yield 1.2 lac to 1.5 lac sq feet salable. Inventory.
c. Being a small partner in a big land parcel has a greater potential to earn profit that too without headache than being sole owner of a small plot and develop it. Think of being 2.5%, 5% or 7.5% partner in a twenty or thirty acre township. (half acre or one acre worth share in land holding).
d.This is disruptive model in real estate business and no builder with offer you profit sharing at source. See township opportunities in MediPort projects.

Group hunting with Sharks !

Once you become a shark by being a part of big project you become eligible to hunt for more risky projects in group of seasoned inestors/ hunters. Of course MediPort will be your anchor partner throughout.

Someone’s ruin, someone’s gain! Kisi ka Diwala, Kisi ki Diwali !

We hunt for properties those are liquidated by banks, loan recovery tribunals, ED courts and get a deal at much lower rates than market. We can remain a small partner in the deal or cut the deal for you at small professional fees

Call a bull with red flag! Aa bail muze maar!

a. We invest in areas where there is possibility of acquisition for highways, CIDCO or other authorities. If your land is acquired by govt there possibilities of huge ROI. Even if not , being very close to highway, still there is huge appreciation.

b.TDR bank: this acquisition can bring early cash back or yield a TDR that is usable in nearby area in construction and also saleable to other developers.

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