Have Questions? Get in Touch!

    Have Questions? Get in Touch!

      New Projects in Panvel, Mumbai


      To make investment in land the preferred and safest investment option by offering out of box solutions mainly for doctors.


      Our Vision is to help hard working doctor families create a meaningful legacy for future generations by providing “Excellence in Procurement of the best Asset- LAND”



      Mumbai Potential

      Navi Mumbai area the hottest destination for investments across the cities in India. We offer partnership deals in this area.


      Every deal and business approach are built on the sloid grounds of ethics. We carry the morality of medical ethics to the real estate.

      Doctors For Doctors

      This is initiative by doctors and meant for doctors and their close relatives considering their unique needs

      Inside Out Solutions

      Real estate world looks at doctors as customers. Here we make you partner and that changes the game. You look at real estate as an insider.


      We maintain atmost transparency with all our stakeholders/ partners.

      Out of Box Solutions

      That no builder or real estate businessman will offer to a doctor. In fact mediport strategies are disruptive in nature for real estate market.

      Reserch Based

      We enter geographies with thorough research about the area and evaluate all aspects which would lead to appreciation of investment

      Partnership Approach

      The surest way of booking profit in real estate is to own a land that is going for development in near future. We offer partnership in land title and not an investment, making the deal safest for doctors.


      Land acquisitions with doctor level trust!

      MediPort acts not only as investment consultant but acts as a hand holding partner in every deal. So you focus on the most important aspect of your work that is medical practice and leaving real estate investment to mediport that secures benefits for your generations to come. New Projects in Panvel, Mediport Mumbai. Connect us on social media for more updates.

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